Durbeen aims to deliver an outstanding quality of education in government schools across Pakistan by staffing them with professional teacher graduates of revamped Government Colleges of Teacher Education.

Phase 1

Teacher Education Reform

Durbeen has partnered with the Government of Sindh to transform the Government Elementary College of [Teacher] Education (GECE), Hussainabad campus in Karachi. The goal of this partnership is to graduate professional government teachers who can teach and assess 21st century knowledge and skills.

Phase 2

Government School Reform

The end goal of the public- private partnership in a Government College of [Teacher] Education is to transform public schools in Sindh, for which highly skilled teachers from the College are simply a means to an end. 2023 onwards, once teachers start graduating from GECE Hussainabad, Durbeen will begin placing these graduates in pre-selected public schools where these teachers will drastically elevate the quality of education being offered to students of all socioeconomic classes.

The solution to better government schools is better government teachers. This is what we do.

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Our Head Office is currently situated at GECE Hussainabad; the campus for our pilot project. Reach out to us through any of the ways below. You may also click on any of our social media icons on the left and send us a message there!

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address:
Government Elementary College of Education, Hussainabad
Federal B Area, Block 2, Karachi
Mobile: +92 331 5550715
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