Durbeen is a non-profit organisation, established with the long-term goal of improving public schools in Pakistan.

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Durbeen’s Pilot Project

Durbeen aims to link teacher preparation, selection and placement with school reform. For this purpose, Durbeen has partnered with Government of Sindh to take over the management of one of the oldest teacher training institutes in the region and has linked it with global best practices in teacher education, via a collaboration with the University of Helsinki in Finland.

Durbeen is rebranding and revamping a state-owned higher education institute that will become the leading teacher education college in Pakistan by focusing on curriculum, faculty and students. Graduating teachers of this College will be placed in select government schools, under Durbeen’s management, where they will ensure a high quality of education for students from all backgrounds.

The problem, at a glance

Research shows that a child’s teacher can make a bigger difference to his or her educational success than most other school factors.
Source: Darling-Hammond, L. (2006). Powerful Teacher Education. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

In 2018,


people in Sindh decided to become government teachers and only


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passed a junior-level exam

It is considerably challenging to raise teacher quality in Pakistan given the standard of teachers already in the system.
Parents describe government teachers as not concerned about children or simple absent from school.

Inadequate teacher training

In-service Teacher Training, generally, is the “black hole” of development aid, meaning a lot of money goes in and it is unclear if teaching practices are improved subsequently.

Source: Naviwala, N. (2016). Pakistan’s Education Crisis: The Real Story. Washington, D.C.: Wilson Center

The poor quality of teaching in Pakistan is a result of the poor quality of education in general. Today’s teachers have studied in the same system

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that continues to produce poor learning outcomes.

Lack of Basic Infrastructure in schools

Government teacher education institutions are lacking in infrastructure, knowledge and human resources to adequately implement quality teacher education.

Source: Mahmood, K. (2014). The Silent Revolution: Rethinking Teacher Education in Pakistan. Journal of Research and Reflections in Education, 8 (2), 146-161.

Durbeen aims to deliver an outstanding quality of education in government schools across Pakistan by staffing them with professional teacher graduates of revamped Government Colleges of Teacher Education.

Durbeen Timeline

May 2018

Partnership with university of Helsinki Finland

Jan 2019

PCP certification

Mar 2019

Partnership with government of Sindh

Apr 2019

MOU signed with Karachi University

Dec 2019

Classes Start

Sep 2019

Durbeen raises 9.4cr for College renovations

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Do you want to help Pakistan Learn?

If so, come volunteer for us! We’re blending technology with the latest in global education research to create better government teachers across Sindh. Better teachers make better schools.

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Do you want to help Pakistan Learn?

If so, come volunteer for us! We’re blending technology with the latest in global education research to create better government teachers across Sindh. Better teachers make better schools.

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The solution to better government schools is better government teachers. This is what we do.

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Our Head Office is currently situated at GECE Hussainabad; the campus for our pilot project. Reach out to us through any of the ways below. You may also click on any of our social media icons on the left and send us a message there!

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